The Cost of Raising Goats

The cost of raising goats varies based on the area where you live, but for a general idea, there are several things that you should consider when making the decision to begin raising goats. First, you will need to buy the goat. Next, there are things such as food, medications, shots and other accessories that you may wish to have for goats.

Goat prices range from about $100 to $350, depending on the goat and the pedigree. Different breeds cost more than others. You’ll want to consider the current cost of hay and grain for feed. Currently, hay bales with alfalfa cost around $9 per bale and grain costs about $10 per 50 pound bag.

Tetanus shots cost about $2 per vial that will vaccinate three kids. Worming medication costs around$10 for up to 20 doses. Insecticide powder will cost in the neighborhood of $7. Hoof trimmers cost around $15. Some accessories that you may wish to purchase include a collar. The cost of a collar will vary depending on the type of collar and where you purchase it.

Let’s do the math now. We will estimate some average costs to come up with a round figure for the cost of raising goats. Purchasing a goat averages around $200, plus one bale of hay is $9 and a 50 pound bag of grain $10. That’s $219. Then the cost of tetanus shots, $2; worming medication $10; powder for insects $7; hoof trimmers $15. So, $219 plus another $34 is $253. The cost of food is a reoccurring cost, so you must increase for that. But for a ballpark figure of just starting out you end with $253 to start raising a goat.


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