Tips for Raising Goats

A goat can be a fun animal to have. They are very lovable and rewarding to own. There are tips for raising goats to make the experience of it better. Goats need to be properly taken care of.

First off, you should have about one or two acres to raise goats on. They need room to move around and grass to eat. Do not ever block a goat from receiving fresh water. Water is a necessity for its survival. Goats like to have somewhere to hide if the weather is bad or they are especially hot or cold. A little shelter would be a good idea to build whether it be a small shelter or a barn. It is good for them to have somewhere to be protected.

To keep a goat in its pasture you need to have a sturdy fence. It should be high enough for them to not be able to jump over and not so high off the ground to where they can crawl underneath it. The fence would probably need to be about 4 feet tall. The fencing also needs to be safe. You do not want nails or big pieces of wood or metal sticking out for the goats to get injured on.

To make a goat happy you should give it plenty of attention. Don’t skip out on petting it or giving it the occasional treats. Your goat will be very happy in return and you will get the most out of raising it.


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  1. Lori Ann
    29. Sep, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    Thanks for the tips, please keep them coming as we are new to goat farming.

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