Types of Shelters For Goats

Maintaining housing and shelter is an important part to raising goats. Goats need shelter to keep healthy. They are able to live in all climates, but need the shelter to keep out of wind and rain. Shelter ensures that goats do not suffer.

One type of shelter is a movable hutch. This is often used with cattle but works for goats also. These hutches will hold about 10 goats. They come with an air vent, side doors, feeders inside for feed and water. These are easily moved if needed.

There are other types of shelters that can be made for goats. They do not need to be anything fancy.

A shelter can be made from any type of wood, like cedar shingles. Just make sure to insulate the walls if using cedar shingles. You can use pallets with straw over top of them as the floor. It is a good idea to give the goats some straw for bedding. Remember if painting the wood, to make sure that the paint does not contain anything that can be harmful to the goats. Wood also can be expensive and some types tend to splinter. The goats may gnaw on the wood, so you don’t want any that is going to splinter.

Another thing that you can use to build a shelter is cinder blocks. An advantage to using cinder blocks is that you can run water to it by piping it in. Just put something on the floor for the goats to use as bedding. Concrete floors hold in moisture and also tire the goats feet out, which can cause arthritis. The roof can be made of tin.

There are many options that one can use to provide shelters to goats. The main thing is to keep them out of the weather so that the goats remain healthy.


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  1. Dan
    29. Sep, 2010 at 4:16 am #

    I had to put up 8ft fence because our goats were jumping 6 footers easy.

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