Raise Meat Goats to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Raising meat goats to lower your grocery bill is a good idea if you have the area to do it in. Most are used when they are young and have been castrated (males) soon after birth. The reason for this is as they get older, the male’s hormones will make the meat taste odd if they are not castrated. You also get the additional benefit of milk from the adult does you have in your breeding program.

Once the kids (baby goats) are born they should be bottle raised and grain fed when they are weaned. The doe produces milk for you. Goat is a very lean meat and needs slow cooking to make it tender. But the adults are good for meat for stews and long cooking dishes. Feed them all a good quality grain and hay so you get quality products from them. A diet of weeds and brush will give a gamey tasting meat and milk.

You will have to do the numbers to see if this will save you money in the long run before you take it on as a project, if you are able to sell it to others will be a help in the expense end of things. Don’t forget to figure in vet bills too should you need a vet for the herd. There is a likelihood of needing them examined regularly since they are used for meat and milk. Do your research, maybe visit a commercial goat farm if there is one you can visit. You need to go into a venture like this with your eyes wide open.


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