Goats, Different breeds for different needs

There are many different types of goats. When deciding what breed one should by one must decide what they intend to do with the goat.

Boer Goats are often times raised as meat producers. They are sturdy and robust and provide a higher meat content than many goats usually raised for milk. They are a low milk breed themselves, but they have very high quality flesh and are a popular bulk breed world wide.

Angora Goats have a thick wooly hair which resembles that of sheep, yet is finer and softer than sheeps wool. Mohair is a highly prized commercial commodity used for manufacturing clothing. When raising Angoras one must be alert to parasites which many infest the thick fur of the goat. They are slow to breed, and have higher than average nutritional needs.

Saanen Goats are a European breed of goat well known for their heavy milk production. These are quite possibly the largest milk goats in the world. With a calm and even temperament they make good animals for younger people to work with as they rarely bite or ram. For milk production they are unrivaled.

Spanish Goats are the well known common variety often found in the west. These goats are decent for both meat and milk, however excel at neither. They have low nutritional needs compared to many other types of goats, and can subsist well with relatively littler care when compared to many of the other breeds.

When choosing a variety of goat to raise make sure to take into account your ability to commit to that breeds needs.

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