Spanish Goats

The Spanish goat is known as the toughest goat out of all kinds. It is used to the hot and dry climate. It is especially popular in the south western parts of the United States. The goat was originally from Spain hence the name.

These goats are famous for their method of survival. They can make it through hot and dry climates that other goats struggle through. Unlike other kinds of goats, Spanish goats can breed out of season and is very successful in giving birth. They are an extremely efficient group of animals.

The numbers of Spanish goats have greatly reduced due to their meat. It is very desirable and easy to process. The goats have dwindled in numbers due to this meat. There are only about 8,000 pure breed Spanish goats. Most of them are mixed breeds. The pure breed ones are the most desirable but, rare to come across. Work is currently being done to help preserve this breed of goat and help it to flourish in the wilderness.

These goats are great for eating through unwanted weeds in pastures and for removing brush from acreage. These goats are very useful and we should do all that we can do help preserve the species because of how helpful they are. Spanish goats are extremely hardy and resistant to parasites. They are proven to be less likely to go lame in older age and are more economical to raise because of how hardy they are. Spanish goats are worth the investment.


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